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Heart Of Stone Starring Alia Bhatt OTT Release Date Announced

Alia Bhatt starring in Heart of Stone soon to be released on OTT

Alia Bhatt has become one of the top actresses in Indian cinema. She has given super hit movies that have also gone to Golden Globes like RRR and Oscars both Gangubai and RRR. The actress has recently embraced motherhood and has launched motherhood products that embraced motherhood just like her. The actress also shared the screen with Israeli beauty Gal Gadot in the movie Heart of Stone. The movie will soon be released on OTT.

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Heart of Stone

2023 is certainly looking brighter as the actress shared glimpses of her Hollywood debut Heart Of Stone, where she will star alongside Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan. The trailer was released a while ago and received a good response. Considering Alia, it’s her first Hollywood debut, and the excitement around her is at its peak as fans can’t wait to experience her magic again.

The film will be released on August 11th on a leading OTT platform. The OTT platform recently gave a sneak peek at when they will announce the release dates for some of the most anticipated projects for this year.

Back in 2022 during an interview, Alia Bhatt said, “My team sent me the script and they said, ‘You know they would like for you to read the script and if you are interested, we can get you to Zoom meet with the director’. Thanks to Zoom, a lot of this has become possible.”

The actress further shared, “You don’t have to fly to a meeting. You can do a virtual meeting. I read the script and, of course, I heard that Gal Gadot was going to be starring in it and was also producing it, which I was extremely excited about because I am such a huge admirer of her work and just the person, the force that she is.”

The trailer gives a full action-pack performance by all the leads and viewers can’t wait to see Alia in international sway.

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