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Harry Styles has no regrets on mocking Zayn Malik on ‘SNL’

Zayn Malik who left One Direction 4 years back, Harry Styles made a joke on his dramatic 2015 departure on 'SNL' and it is now reported how he doesn't regret it.

Though Harry Styles new he was playing with fire after he made a joke on Zayn Malik on Saturday Night Live, he doesn’t care. A source revealed that Harry totally knew what he was getting into when he began joking about Zayn Malik. Harry was seen as a host and a musical guest on the NBC sketch series.

A source told an entertainment portal, “There have been issues with Zayn with all of the guys for a long time and this joke was simply innocent fun tinged with some reality. Zayn has always been difficult, so to do that joke was on purpose and Harry doesn’t regret it.”

In his opening monologue, Harry called his ex-bandmates Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne as his brothers and after blanking on  Zayn’s name, he said “mmm oh — Ringo!” Ringo Starr, the legendary Beatles drummer was the first member of the group to walk back in 1968, the same as Zayn was also the first to walk out of their group in 2015, forcing the group to release their fourth and final album without him. and even since that happened there was always bad blood between Zayn and the group.

Soon after Harry mocked Zayn on SNL, fans immediately began taking sides on social media. Some defended Zayn while the other stuck by Harry. The source further went on to say, “As much as fans of One Direction might be mad, Harry is not worrying about it and doesn’t expect the joke to come back and haunt him. The guys in the band are all in different parts of their life right now, they aren’t getting back together anytime soon or at all. So Harry wanted to do the joke and he will move on with it if there is a response from Zayn so be it but he is not stressing on it too much.”

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