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Harry Potter Fans Spot Major MISTAKE In Harry Potter Reunion Special

One eagle-eyed fan pointed out the blunder while tweeting a screenshot of the photo, next to an identical screenshot from Roberts' Instagram feed.

Harry Potter Return To Hogwarts viewers spotted a major blunder on the reunion show which hit screens on HBO Max on January 1. A childhood snap of Emma Roberts was accidentally shown in one of the segments in place of Emma Watson who starred as Hermione Granger.

The adorable snap showed actress Roberts posing for a picture wearing cute Minnie Mouse ears while eating breakfast. Roberts had shared the throwback image to her Instagram feed, back in 2012. While, one eagle-eyed fan pointed out the blunder, posting a screenshot of the photo, next to an identical screenshot from Roberts’ Instagram feed. “GUYS HELP ME THATS LITERALLY EMMA ROBERTS NOT EMMA WATSON,” the fan wrote.

Another user wrote, “Can’t decide if this was on purpose or if it’s a hilariously bad error by Warner Bros. in the production of their Harry Potter retrospective: They used a photo of actress Emma Roberts as a child instead of Emma Watson.”

Two decades after first hitting screens, the cast and crew of Harry Potter reunited for the 20th anniversary Return To Hogwarts special to deep dive into life behind the wizarding franchise. In the special, which debuted on HBO Max, Sky, and NOW TV on Saturday, fans are treated to visit down memory lane helmed by lead actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, as well as a slew of their dazzling co-stars and the brains behind the eight movies.

However, producers of Return to Hogwarts admitted the mistake to Entertainment Weekly. The producer stated, “Well spotted Harry Potter fans!” reads the statement. “You brought an editing mistake of a mislabeled photograph to our attention. New version up shortly.”

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