Happy Birthday Jin: Know Interesting Facts About BTS Member

Jin is a big foodie, and his band members have often mentioned his cooking skills.

BTS member Jin recently turned 30 and ARMY from all over the world pored love over him. In celebration of Jin’s birthday, his close friend and BTS member J-Hope has also penned the sweetest wish for the ‘Worldwide Handsome.’ J-Hope took to his Instagram Stories and shared a sweet unseen photo of the oldest member of the K-pop group and added Jin’s latest hit track ‘The Astronaut’ to it. J-Hope also tagged Jin on the story alongside a GIF that says ‘Happy Birthday.’ However, on celebrate Jin’s birthday, check out the lesser-known facts about the k-pop icon.

Jin Has Unique Blinking Habit
Jin has an Army from all over the world. He has sang several songs with his band members. Jin has also release his single album. Apart from his singing career, he has also appeared in a few K-dramas. Moreover, Jin has performed in front of more than thousand fans. However, a few have noticed that Jin has a unique blinking habit. It was reported that whenever Jin gets nervous, he starts blinking his eyes at a fast pace. Also, if he stares at someone for a long time, he starts winking.

Jin Wanted To Become A Journalist
Everyone dreams of some or other aim that they never actually get a chance to achieve. Jin wanted to become a journalist during his first year of high school. The K-pop icon wished to become a voice of socially disadvantaged people. Later, he changed his mind and wanted to become an actor after watching Kim Nam-Kil in Queen Seondeok. However, Jin now thinks that he would have been a farmer if he wasn’t a singer.

Jin Bagged His First Offer In Middle School
Jin would have be a childhood crush to millions, if he have accepted the SM Entertainment company’s offer when he was in middle school. Jin even passed the first audition. However, later he thought that it might be a scam and decided not to proceed further with the offer. Moreover, Jin was selected once again during his college days by Big Hit Entertainment for an acting role, but the company made him BTS trainee instead.

Jin Desires A Wife Who Can Cook Good Food
All female chefs here’s a good news for you! Just joking… But it’s true that Jin is a big foodie, and his band members have often mentioned his cooking skills. And Jin once said that his ideal kind of wife would be the one who can cook a delicious meal for him.

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