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Hailey Bieber Opens Up About Her Struggle With Perioral Dermatitis

Hailey Bieber gets candid about her struggle with a skin condition called perioral dermatitis and how it has impacted her life.

Model Hailey Bieber enjoys a massive fan following on social media. She posts many glamorous pictures of herself on Instagram which garners a lot of likes and cute comments. However, now Hailey Bieber has now opened up about her struggle with a skin condition called perioral dermatitis.

For the unknown, WebMD describes perioral dermatitis as a “facial rash in which bumps develop around the mouth. In some cases, a similar rash may appear around the eyes, nose, forehead, or sometimes the genitals.”

Revealing about her struggle with this skin condition, Hailey said, “This is day 3 so it’s calmed down a lot.” Alongside the note, she shared a picture of her bare face with millions of her followers.

Furthermore, Mrs. Bieber added, “I have something called perioral dermatitis which I’ve had for a few years now. It gets triggered by different things and usually shows up on my cheeks, around my mouth, or sometimes around and under my eyes.”

She also mentioned what triggers her skin condition. Mrs. Bieber said, “Some things that i noticed trigger it: trying a new product, a product that’s too harsh, weather, masks, sometimes certain SPF.”

Hailey is earning a lot of praise for opening about her struggle. Everyone is calling her brave and we hope that many others continue to do so. 

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