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Hailey Baldwin Shares Her Simple Skincare Secret Regime

Check out how Hailey Baldwin takes care of her skin with a simple skincare regime.

Model Hailey Baldwin Bieber uses a simple and quick skincare routine to treat her skin condition called perioral dermatitis rash. Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory rash of the skin around the mouth involved.

Hailey told Glamour magazine, “I have Perioral dermatitis, so certain products irritate my skin, giving me a horrible itchy rash around my mouth and eyes. I always try to avoid fragrance in products as it’s too much on the skin. However, I don’t always know what’s being put on my skin as I work with lots of different make-up artists.”

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Hailey that she is using only a few makeup products to help wash out any impurities in her skin, femalefirst.co.uk reports.

“I don’t like a lot of steps as I don’t usually have the time. I start with cleansing and washing, then putting on a serum and moisturizer. If I have more time at night, I’ll put on a face mask or extra moisturizer.”

Hailey, who is self-isolating with Justin in Canada, says her skin is improved by clean air because it flares up when she is on birth control.

“I’m on birth control now where I don’t have a period, but I still feel symptoms of PMS and this can also affect my skin too. My skin actually stays a lot better in Canada where there’s cleaner air than when I’m in New York or Los Angeles,” she said.

pointing the importance of having good naps to help boost her skin she said, “I never sleep with my make-up on, even at my drunkest I’ve never fallen asleep with make-up on my face. Sleep and rest is so important for the skin. If I’m working and traveling a lot and my sleep schedule is off I notice my skin gets really dry.”

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