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Goblin Star Gong Yoo Talks About Love Life And His Co-Stars From Goblin

In an interview where Gong Yoo recently appeared, he shared his personality behind the camera and much more

Star of the globally hit show Goblin, Gong Yoo opened his heart about his love life. He spoke about his personality behind the camera and his relationship with his mother. He also spoke about his Goblin Co-Star Lee Dong Wook.

Lee Dong Wook will next be seen in the much awaited ‘Tale Of Nine Tailed’ show

Gong Yoo will be next seen in the South Korean flick, Seo Bok alongside Park Bo Gum. He is now busy with promotions of the same. He appeared on the show You Quiz and spoke about a variety of things.

On the show, he opened up about his love life. He said that he feels he isn’t the type of person that women would prefer. 

As translated by Soompi, the actor revealed he isn’t bold or courageous in love. “If anything, I can only confess my feelings if I become one of my characters because it’s comfortable thinking that it’s not actually me,” he said. The actor added that being the real Gong Ji Chul (his birth name) “is hard.” He adds that this is why he enjoys acting. “I get to become a character who’s not me and do everything that I couldn’t do because I was too shy or embarrassed in real life,” he said. Gong Yoo added that he receives a sense of satisfaction with this. 

On Goblin Co-Star Lee Dong Wook

As the episode moved forward, Lee Dong Wook was mentioned. It was brought up when the hosts said they heard from “someone” that Gong Yoo gets upset quickly. 

The actor suspected the “someone” to be Lee Dong Wook. The Goblin Star brought up the coffee and snacks truck the Tale of the Nine-Tailed star sent to the filming location of the episode on the day Gong Yoo was shooting the episode. 

“Why did he send that?” the actor jokingly asked before he deemed Lee Dong Wook a “clever one” who was trying to win over the actor and both the hosts. “He’s like an actual fox,” Gong Yoo said, referring to the actor’s latest show Tale of the Nine-Tailed where Lee Dong Wook plays a male fox aka gumiho. 

He then explained that he doesn’t get upset easily. However, he feels others get upset often due to him. 

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The hit star said in real life, Gong Ji Chul is normal and nothing stands out. This is unlike a certain image and fantasy created by his past roles. “I’m more absentminded than people think, and I’m not very affectionate because it makes me cringe,” he added. When speaking about details of his personal life, the actor looked back at his role of Choi Han Gyul from Coffee Prince and revealed that his mother once told him to be more like the character for Han Gyul was “sweet to his family.”

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