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Gigi Hadid’s Father Celebrates Her Birthday Month With Sweet Candid Memories From Her Childhood

This week, to make daughter Gigi Hadid feel special, Palestinian real estate mogul Mohamed Hadid has dedicated his Instagram accounts solely for sharing pictures of Gigi as it is her birthday week. On April 22nd the super-model turned 25.

On Monday Hadid began his series of thoughtful birthday tributes on social media with an adorable snap of a Gigi baby. “You know whose birthday week is this week,” the heart-warming picture was captioned.“The princess herself, the one and only Gigi. We love you so much.”

Other candid shots posted with his 947,000 Instagram followers included the part-Dutch model’s throwback photos when she was a child, her volleyball team’s captain, strutting down her first catwalks, working with UNICEF, and a collage of her various Vogue covers.

“I stopped counting at 36 Vogue covers. Maybe 40 by now,” he added in the caption.  “And a hundred other magazine covers. Bragging? Yes I am. Your Babba. HBD (sic) .”  On Wednesday, the developer posted a sepia-tinged 1955 portrait of his mother, Gigi’s grandmother, Khairia Daher Hadid, named after his youngest daughter Bella — her middle name is Khai — to his Instagram handle. 

“My Mom (Allah Yerhamha) Khairia Daher Hadid would have been so proud of @gigihadid today,” the photo was captioned. “Gigi loved everything about Tata. Gigi won first place in an art competition for a portrait of her Tata. This picture was taken in 1955 in Beirut. She was a stunner, great mom, a wife, and a Tata to thirty or so grandkids. We and I miss her every time I breathe. Look down from above. Saying happy early birthday Gigi. You make me proud,” he wrote posting an appreciation post for daughter and mother.

Moreover, she was taking home prizes in art contests well before the newly minted 25-year-old received “Model of the Year” accolades. Mohamed also shared a throwback photograph of a 13-year-old beaming Gigi standing next to her award-winning portrait and showing off her medal for first place.

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