Sunday, September 20, 2020

    Gigi Hadid gets sued for posting ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik’s photo!

    Gigi Hadid as been accused of copyright infringement by a New York-based professional photographer Robert O'Neil after she shared a picture of her ex-Zayn Malik which he had clicked


    Supermodel Gigi Hadid is once again being sued by another Supermodel Gigi Hadid after she shared a picture of ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik during their dating days. The photographer Robert O’Neil filed a lawsuit against Gigi in the Southern District of New York as she shared a picture of Zayn which he clicked. The lawsuit document that was obtained read, “This action arises out of Defendant’s unauthorized reproduction and public display of a copyrighted photograph of English singer and songwriter Zayn Malik, owned and registered by O’Neil, a New York-based professional photographer.”

    The photographer also claimed that Gigi shared Zayn’s picture to her Instagram story without asking for permission. He said, “Gigi Hadid is not, and has never been, licensed or otherwise authorized to reproduce, publically display, distribute and/or use the Photograph.” And though Gigi is yet to comment on the same, the photographer wants her to pay for the infringement and also accept that she used the photo. A source told a leading daily, O’Neil is demanding Hadid, “be required to account for all profits, income, receipts, or other benefits derived by Defendant as a result of its unlawful conduct.” O’Neil is also seeking to be awarded “statutory damages of up to $150,000.”

    This is not the first time Gigi has got her self involved in trouble with the paparazzi. Just last year, after she shared a since-deleted paparazzi photo of herself, she shut down a lawsuit brought that was filed against her by another agency. She had also taken to her social media to call out the toxic paparazzi culture, wherein they endanger the lives of celebrities.

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