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Gaumont Germany’s Netflix Debut To Happen With “Barbarians”

Gaumont Germany, which is a new company under its parent production house of Gaumont will be launching its new web series soon on renowned OTT platform.

This is indeed a very exciting scoop of news as it related to the production company by the quirky name of Gaumont Germany and fans always wanting to see unique and fresh content can now be very happy as Gaumont Germany’s Netflix Debut to happen with “Barbarians”.

It also a very interesting and happening piece of information since this is a very new and freshly curated production company and also has a very out of the box kind of name Gaumont Germany to start off with. Being new in the digital space and VOD OTT world, they are now ready and set to wow their audiences with this newly launched webseries where now we can see the viewers and netizens being more open and eager to experience new content and hopefully we would also be seeing this same trend follow up here too since today Gaumont Germany’s Netflix Debut to happen with “Barbarians”.

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Its very thrilling to know that now people are being more open and ready to any kind of new interesting digital content which is also one of the key factors that this German language historical fiction series is ready to make its place on Netflix with Gaumont Germany’s Netflix Debut to happen with “Barbarians”.

Gaumont Germany is ready with its first major production in this month itself where their historical genre fiction digital webseries “Barbarians” has been launched and premiered on Netflix.

This is going to be a six part mini digital web series that is all set to take the audiences and viewers to the story of the gruelling and gory blood filled battle of the Teutoburg forest in which the German warriors and fighter had stopped along with halting the northward advances of the Roman Empire in A.D. 9.

Gaumont Germany is a part of French film and TV studio Gaumont which was originally launched in year 2018. Gaumont Germany being its subsidiary has benefited quite a lot due to its parent group’s well known and strong ties with the streaming giant Netflix.

Gaumont Germany president Sabine de Mardt told a leading international entertainment magazine that, “Our long close partnership with Netflix with productions like ‘Narcos,’ ‘Hemlock Grove’ and ‘F is for Family’ led us to early discussions with them when they expanded in Europe a few years ago”.

Explaining the same she further also said that, “[Gaumont Vice CEO] Christophe Riandée knew what Netflix was looking for even before I joined the company and we opened Gaumont Germany”.

Furthermore she also stated, “Indeed, the new division had already been looking for a brilliant series to fit this genre”.

Barbarians series has been created by Jan-Martin Scharf, Arne Nolting and Andreas Heckmann.

She explained more details about same and said, “When we met with Arne, Jan-Martin and Andreas, they pitched us the story of quarrelling Germanic tribes, friendship and love under the ruling Roman empire, which had all the ingredients for the ambitious and highly original series that we were looking for”.

Also, she added the fact that, “The original pitch was set 200 years after the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, which was one of the greatest defeats of the Roman empire. We then closely collaborated over a period of months together – the series now is a result of that collaboration.”

She also spoke at length and told, “Barbarians is the perfect series to establish our young company in a prominent way. We were very fortunate to have this show, which took us from zero to 100 in no time.”

For Gaumont Germany it was a huge challenge and explaining the same she said, “We had just opened the company and bam, ‘Barbarians’ arrived. Many things had to happen simultaneously: office structure, staff, etc. When we, the EP team with Andreas Bareiss, Rainer Marquass and myself, had our first meetings with Netflix [director of international originals] Rachel Eggebeen, we didn’t even have proper offices”.

This series has been extensively shot in picturesque city of Hungary and is based on the real historical facts where the story and main plot of the series will be revolving around the famous battle which had been fought in A.D. 9, where the Germanic warriors united their forces to bring an end to the Roman Empire’s ruling government in the Germanic territories.

Further giving more details about same she told, “We are delving into the very personal psychological conflicts of our main characters only some of which will be resolved in the first season, leaving plenty of material for seasons to come”.

The creative team took a lot of time, efforts, and painstakingly worked very hard to create a German series for the global market.

She also said, “Our story is the perfect universal David versus Goliath plot”. And also noted that how the characters in the series having their own personal challenges, inner conflicts and moral dilemmas will only be enhancing the show’s overall appeal.

She gave more important key details about the same and said, “We had to make some important decisions right at the start: whose perspective did we want to choose for the story and which screen language? As we were making a German Netflix Original we wanted to tell the story fundamentally through the eyes of the Germanic tribes, which is also the least familiar aspect of this story and one that hasn’t been explored in other shows. I think this makes our show feel fresh and unique and also the decision to use Latin language for the romans was made in order to provide greater authenticity to our series”.

Explaining the importance of the language in the series on a parting note she also said, “Only the feeling of an authentic world combined with emotional and truthful stories brings the magic that will draw in an international audience and make sure they follow us into this compelling world. This is universal. And this has very little to do with production budgets that are clearly higher for big international shows. Like David with Goliath, you just have to be a little clever about what you choose to show on screen and what you elegantly leave out”.

Barbarians will be premiering on Netflix on 23rd October 2020.

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