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G-Eazy Opens Up About His Relationship With Pretty Little Liars Star Ashley Benson

G-Eazy has finally spilled the beans on his relationship with Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson. The rapper is all praises for his lady love. Read below for further details.

The alleys of Hollywood have been buzzing with rumours of G-Eazy dating the Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson. The two are often spotted together adding more fuel to the blazing gossip. The speculations hyped up more when Ashley was spotted with a ring on her finger. The rumours of them getting secretly engaged stormed the internet. However, now G-Eazy has finally opened up about his relationship with Ashley Benson.

In his interaction with ET, G-Eazy broke his silence on the engagement rumours. He also revealed how he gets inspired to write his songs.

During the conversation, G-Eazy is gushing over the mention of Ashley Benson.

For the unknown, the rapper has recorded several songs with Benson. Speaking about his relationship with Ashley Benson, G-Eazy was all praises.

The 31-year old gushingly said, “She’s an exceptionally talented person in many different spaces. She’s a special one.”

He further adds, “Obviously, she’s a great actress, but, you know, getting to work with her and putting her in front of a microphone and watching her sing so effortlessly. She has this very special tone of voice and texture and something that’s very innate to her given that’s not her first job or what she’s known for. It just blew me away that you can have such a hidden, special talent that the world doesn’t get to see as often.”

The rapper also revealed that his past-relationship is now the inspiration for his songwriting. For the unknown, G-Eazy was dating Halsey in the past.

As of now, Halsey is reportedly dating Ashley Benson’s ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne. The two haven’t officially said anything but the rumours are very strong.

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