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From Emotional Toll To Pregnancy Rumor: Here’s Jennifer Aniston Personal Revelations

Though Jennifer Aniston is filled with numerous happy memories, speculations about her personal life always remain behind.

Jennifer Aniston has recently celebrated the success of The Morning Show on AppleTV+ and looked back on her years playing Rachel Green on NBC’s iconic hit. On Wednesday, December 8, The Hollywood Reporter shared an extensive interview with the Friends star in which she gives nostalgic talks to the outlet.

Though Jennifer Aniston is filled with numerous happy memories working alongside real-life besties including Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, yet the years of tabloid speculation about her personal life seem always follow with her. “I was the girl next door, the damsel in distress, the brokenhearted your traditional rom-com themes,” she shared with the outlet.

Jennifer Aniston went on saying, “And at a certain point, it was like, ‘Can’t we do something else? Am I just on this part of the cereal aisle? Like, will I ever get to be a bountiful Kashi or some sort of oatmeal, or am I going to be Fruit Loops forever?'” However, a series of projects lined up including a Murder Mystery sequel with Adam Sandler, Jennifer, 52, believes she’s just getting started. The Hollywood Reporter issued 2021 Women in Entertainment and here are some of the biggest revelations from Jennifer Aniston’s candid interview.

As Jennifer was thrilled to hang out with the Friends cast once again for the HBO Max special Friends Reunion in May, she didn’t realize just how much the filming would affect her. “You get there and it’s like, ‘Oh right, I hadn’t thought about what was going on the last time I was actually here,'” she told the publication. “And it just took me by surprise because it was like, ‘Hi, past, remember me? Remember how that sucked? You thought everything was in front of you and life was going to be just gorgeous and then you went through maybe the hardest time in your life?’

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However, with the emotional toll, Jennifer can’t forget all the media speculation about her personal life, including the rumors about whether she’d be having kids. “I used to take it all very personally the pregnancy rumors and the whole ‘Oh, she chose career over kids’ assumption,” she told THR. “It’s like, ‘You have no clue what’s going with me personally, medically, why I can’t…can I have kids?’ They don’t know anything, and it was really hurtful and just nasty.”

However, with getting nostalgic, Jennifer Aniston also talked about her future career. As Matthew Perry recently announced an upcoming memoir, fans may be curious to know whether Jennifer is interested in a similar project. although, she is in no rush. “I don’t have the memories done yet, they’re still coming,” she said. “But that doesn’t appeal to me, really. I also feel like, ‘Who cares?'”

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