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Forrest Gump Cast – Then & Now Pics (1994 To 2022)

Forrest Gump is one of the greatest movies of all time. Check out how top grossing movie's cast looks now.

Forrest Gump hit theatres in 1994 and created a storm with its unique plot and critically applauded acting. The movie also received critical acclaim for Zemeckis’s direction, performances, visual effects, music, and screenplay. Forrest Gump was a massive success at the box office at that time, becoming the top-grossing film grossing over US$678.2 million worldwide during its theatrical run. Additionally, the movie was the second-highest-grossing film of 1994, behind The Lion King.

The movie received 13 Academy Award nominations and ended with winning a total of six Oscars including, Lead actor (Tom Hanks), best picture, directing, editing, visual effects and writing. Forrest Gump follows of the life of an intellectually disabled man, played by Tom Hanks, who has been dealing with other people’s unkindness nearly all his life. Having grown up with a beautiful friend Jenny, Forrest yearns to learn all about the ways of the world and embarks on a mission to find his true purpose in life.

Forrest Gump cast includes Tom Hanks as lead character Forrest Gump, Sally Field as Mrs Gump, Robin Wright as Jenny, Mykelti Williamson aka Bubba Blue, Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan) and Haley Joel Osment (Forrest Gump, Jr.). However, after 28 years of the film’s release, fans must be wondering that how the cast of Forrest Gump looks like now!

Check below the Forrest Gump Cast – Then & Now Pics (1994 to 2022)

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks starred as the lead character Forrest Gump.

Sally Field

Sally Field starred as Mrs Gump. The actress looks younger than ever!

Gary Sinise

Gary Starred as Forrest’s friend and business partner, Lieutenant Dan.

Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment made his film debut in Forrest Gump as Forrest and Jenny’s son.

Robin Wright

Robin Wright starred as Forrest’s childhood friend who eventually became his wife and the mother of his son.
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