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Find Out How Megan Fox Is Attracted To Machine Gun Kelly And More About Their Relationship

Megan Fox is totally attracted to the 'less traditional look' of Machine Gun Kelly, a source close to the latter revealed to a news portal recently. Find out what particularly attracted the actress towards Kelly and how their relationship is going.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are both having a fling and now know some of the physical qualities of the rapper,30 drew closer towards the actress, 34. “MGK is definitely different from Brian [Austin Green, 46] and that’s exciting for Megan,”  a source reported to an entertainment portal.

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Although Megan was spotted out and about with MGK far more frequently than her estranged husband, the source reported that while the actress “seemed to have fallen out of love with Brian years ago,” she still respects “him as a person.”

However, when it comes to physical attraction, the New Girl alum “always secretly loved a guy with tattoos and a less traditional look so nobody’s really surprised to see her dating someone like that, so she was very physically attracted to him,”  the source continued. Megan was hoping for “something different after Brian and she’s gotten that.” And that is not only about the star’s physical attraction.

Megan and MGK, who first met for the rapper ‘s song “Bloody Valentine” when they shot the music video, have apparently taken things step by step when it comes to their newly found love. “She seems to be quite happy with the way things are going,” the source added.

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On May 18 episode of his podcast Brian publicly broke the news to fans that his almost 10-year marriage to Megan was over, the source revealed that their relationship’s romantic dimension “was really over quite some time ago.”

As such, the source stated that “nobody is surprised to see her spending so much time with MGK.” And the two really made the most of their time together. Despite times when both stars were spotted out solo, the new couple was seen spending a lot of quality time together.  

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