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Fans Trend #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink After Their Concert Announcement

Globally renowned only female oriented girls band Black Pink announced their concert dates officially on their Twitter handle which also included India, after this Indian fans trend #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink after their concert announcement.

The globally prominent and ace K Pop only girls band Black Pink have announced a Mumbai concert soon, and after this news became officially viral and trending on Twitter, their fans trend #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink after their concert announcement.

Speaking of K Pop Bands, it is very interesting to note here that how Black Pink is the only globally prominent female oriented girls K pop band which has got a very large not only across the globe but in India as well on all the social media platforms where the fandom power is so huge that their Indian fans trend #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink after their concert announcement.

Speaking of Black Pink’s widespread reach in India, #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink was one of the top trends in our country that we saw getting viral on Twitter within just a few hours after the K Pop girl band Black Pink announced their Mumbai concert, Where fans trend #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink after their concert announcement.

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The K Pop Band took to their official twitter handle and dropped their much awaited teaser video with a caption that read, “BLACKPINK AROUND THE WORLD. Coming soon!”

This is their teaser link which fans got on trend in India –

Source: YG Ent Official Twitter account. They announced their Mumbai concert .

Fans became very happy and thrilled along with being super emotional as well at this announcement by Black Pink.

Here are some few interesting fan tweets with #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink on Twitter –

Source: Team Jisoo India Twitter. This Indian fanpage trended with the hashtag for their favorite band’s Mumbai concert.
Source: Twis Anna Twitter. She got emotional after Black Pink’s Mumbai concert announcement and put this post with #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink
Source: Actress Sooyaaa Twitter. She put this witty and emotional post with the hashtag #IndiaWelcomesBlackPink.

The details about the concert has not been revealed as they are being kept under tight wraps for now where it is being said that this is going to be a virtual and digital concert and the K Pop band Black Pink shared their concert announcement teaser today on the 23rd November 2020 for what we feel is going to be a global livestream event.

Black Pink’s music video titled, “DDU-DU DDU-DU” has crossed the landmark of 1.4 Billion views on Youtube making this the first ever female oriented girl band K Pop music video to accomplish this feat.

In one of their past interviews with globally loved host Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show, when he had asked them a question on what it was like being a trainee and was it more fun than being in school, Black Pink member Rose told, “I was personally excited that we got to rid of all those annoying subjects but in the long run, maybe it would have been nice if we were educated that way.”

Furthermore, in another one of their interviews with the globally renowned news wire agency, Jennie (24 years old) had said, “We had so many things to take a look into. When it comes to one song, the video, the choreography, the fashion, the visual, everything is just put into one — let’s just times that by how many. We were kind of freaking out at first, but then we have been working for it for a long time”.

Lastly, Black Pink band member Rose (23 years old) whilst talking about ‘The Album’ said, “We feel like we tried to put as many personalities of us as we could in the album. We have some very personal songs; songs that are a little more close to our hearts, that speak our story a little more”.

She also added this bit, “Personal songs take a little more to record, definitely. We had to bring our souls into the recording studio. It was us being very vulnerable. We heard that our fans can kind of feel that”.

So are you all excited for Black Pink’s India concert after their official announcement for same ! Kindly let us know in the comments below.

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