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Fans Think Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Are Back Together Because Of This Post!

Travis Scott just posted a picture on Instagram that received a comment by ex-flame Kylie Jenner sparking massive rumours that they’re back together. It doesn't end there, the makeup-mogul also posted something that kept the rumour-mill going. Find out what the posted!

Kylie Jenner’s ex-flame Travis Scott just posted a picture on Instagram that received a cheeky comment by the makeup-mogul sparking massive reunion rumours.

The 27-year-old rapper posted a picture of a bowl of curly friends and captioned it, “I made these curly fries. Ahhhh mannn” to which Kylie commented with a “ ” which is slang for “Lie!” Kylie’s comment got thousands of replies from curious fans, one of them being “So y’all back together?” while another commented, “It’s a trap!”

It didn’t just end there. An hour after causing massive reunion rumours, the 22-year-old beauty entrepreneur posted a picture of “Curly Fries” as a story on Instagram! Fans are wondering whether the two are back together or just teasing.

Kylie also posted cute videos of baby Stormi, who turns 2 this February, demanding a dance party saying, “I want a dance party!” while cuddling with her mommy in bed in her pink room. In the other videos Stormi is heard saying something like “Kris! Kris!”, which fans assumed that she was missing her “lovey” Kris Jenner.

Well, Mommy Kylie will make sure that her baby gets her ‘dance party’ on her birthday which is being organized by the talented event planner Mindy Weiss. The theme of the party is Stormi World 2, a sequel to her last birthday party Stormi World 1 inspired by dad Travis Scott’s album Astroworld. The mommy-of-one started planning her baby’s birthday party one whole month in advance. This time it looks like she’s going to go all out for little Stormi and make her 2nd birthday even more memorable than her first.

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