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Fans Speculate Nicki Minaj Hiding Her Baby Bump In THIS Makeup-Free Video

The selfie video of Nicki Minaj triggered an uproar on May 13 with baby bump speculation! The 37-year-old rapper, however, was clearly buzzing to her verse in the Doja Cat “Say So” remix instead of confirming recent baby rumours. Strangely, the video began on Nicki’s belly, which can’t be seen entirely.

A miniature version of herself dressed in the same Fendi outfit from the cover art for “Chun-Li,” influenced by Street Fighter, sat on Nicki ‘s stomach. Some Barbz took that as a sign Nicki put a bun in the oven! They couldn’t draw a definite conclusion, as Nicki panned the camera to her beautiful, make-up-free face quickly.

“I feel like you tryna hide yo belly … let me see sis,”one Twitter fan commented. Others left similar responses, like “Let me see your stomach ma’am” and “I’m over here tryna peep for a baby bump.” Another fan had a more specific theory about the doll: “It’s tiddys sis but maybe she’s hinting us that she’s pregnant by showing the doll. In reference to a mini Nicki.

Nicki has officially revealed, that she will not be debuting a baby bump photo until July 2020, at the earliest!  “@NICKIMINAJ can you post a baby bump pic Queen?”On May 7, a Twitter fan asked. Nicki replied strangely, “Yea in a couple months. The world ain’t ready yet.”

However, it remains unclear whether or not Nicki will eventually show a baby bump, as she has not officially confirmed a pregnancy!

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