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Fans Are Going Gaga Over Hillary’s Punchline On ‘Real Housewives’ Tagline On ‘WWHL’

With Hillary Clinton sitting in his hot seat, Andy Cohen couldn't help wondering what would be her tagline for "Real Housewives." Fans loved to see the former First Lady's relatively ' COOL ' and comfortable image on the talk show!

There’s just as much drama on Capitol Hill as it is in a Real Housewives season. Andy Cohen could not refuse to convey this question from Bravo to First Lady Hillary Clinton, 72, in the episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on March 5, despite the reality: “People wanted to know what would be your tagline for the Real Housewives?” Brainstorming the perfect one-liner didn’t take Hillary long.

“I’m neither as good or as bad as some people say,” the former New York senator replied teasingly. The ideal tagline, given how much Hillary was exposed to praise (and flack) when she campaigned for president leading up to the 2016 election.

Since fans are more familiar with seeing Hillary give a talk points on America’s condition rather than focusing on reality television, they were pleased with this change of scenery.

Currently, Hillary is promoting her latest Hulu series, Hillary, which will premiere on March 6. It’s a four-part docu-series that will give viewers a detailed look at the overall life and career in politics of the former first lady, told by interviews with Hillary herself and sources close to her.

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