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Fan-favourite Criminal Minds leaves audience in tears after ending 15 year long show

Popular show Criminal Minds leaves the audience emotional after ending 15-season-long show.

After 15 seasons, Criminal Minds comes to an emotional end on Wednesday night. The FBI drama series has been an audience favourite since 2005 and they’re finding it hard to cope after the show closes its final chapter.

The finale of the show bid the audience goodbye by showing flashbacks of their favourite characters who were no longer part of the show, while some even came back as guest stars surprising all viewers. In one the plot lines has Dr. Spencer Ried (portrayed by Mathew Gray Gubler) suffering from a brain hemorrhage making him hallucinate the return of Chief Strauss (portrayed by Jayne Atkins), Maeve Donovan (portrayed by Beth Riesgraf), and George Foyet (portrayed by C. Thomas Howell). Viewers were absolutely thrilled.

The finale treated the audience by teasing a romance between Luke Alvez (portrayed by Adam Rodriguez) and Penelope Garcia (portrayed by Kirsten Vangsness). The scene were Garcia is shown starting a new job at a “non-profit,” which leads to Alvez asking her out to dinner was a total treat for fans.

The Criminal Minds finale received a massive response from fans and even led to the show trending on Twitter all night long as fans celebrated the show one last time while many tweets were emotional.

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