Ezra Miller Starrer The Flash To Explore The Concept Of The Multiverse

Ezra Miller brought out the first glimpse of his upcoming film, The Flash, and said that the superhero movie will delve into the concept of the multiverse allowing other heroes to interact in one narrative. It is because of the concept of the multiverse that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will make an appearance as Batman in the film. At the virtual gala, the team showed concept art for the character’s new and improved suit. Talking about the film, Miller said, “This film is immensely important because if you look around at the DC universe you have all these characters who exist in their own bubbles. We even have multiple iterations of the same story. By opening that multiverse door, all of these stories and characters can start to collide. It blows our minds the level of possibilities that exist with this character and this story.”