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    Evolution of Bella Hadid’s Street Style Over the Years

    Let us have a trace of the evolution of Bella Hadid’s street style over the past years.


    Evolution of Bella Hadid’s Street Style Over the Years

    For the past few years, Bella Hadid has successfully ruled the street style along with her sister Gigi. Both the beautiful is almost captured every day in attractive attires that make a trend in no time. Today we will take a trace back through the evolution of Bella Hadid’s street style in the past years.

    During the early days of Modeling, in around 2015-2016 the emerging model has a Southern California aesthetic. She definitely showed a lot of love for denim. Most of the events she was seen pairing the denim with knits or tank tops. 

    Later in 2017, Bella brought about a major change in her fashion choices as she turned her attention towards sleeker and darker fashion territory. After moving to New York she was obsessed with the tiny Matrix sunglasses that made a big trend later in the market.

    With the help of famous stylists like Elizabeth Sulcer and Mimi Cuttrell that Bella has now been taking big strides in the fashion industry. She has gained so much fame that many designers and stylists around the world are dying to dress Bella.

    Bella is popularly known to make the best choices from the emerging designers in her street style. Which makes her on-going style a thrill to watch. The evolution of this Socal model is truly inspiring to read and hear about.

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