Haesoo Committed Suicide At Age 29; Know More About The Singer

K-Pop singer Haesoo passes away at the age of 29: Know more details about the singer who committed suicide.

Haesoo, who died by suicide at age 29 in her hotel room on May 13, left behind a suicide note. As soon as this news hit the internet, her fans and industry friends expressed their condolences through social media for the singer. 

Despite being a great name in the music industry, Hesoo’s taking such a drastic step is shocking for his fans. Some of her fans also expressed concern about the pressure and stress Korean celebrities face, including menstrual health issues.

Let us know more about Haesoo.

She was one of the celebrities from Korea who has always actively communicated with her fans through her social media posts, even until the day before her death. 

Heasoo was a female trot singer known for her soothing, mesmerising voice and musical talent.

The singer was born in 1993 and studied pansori, a form of Korean traditional music, at the Korea National University of Arts.

Although, she later developed her interest in trot after listening to Joo Hyun Mi’s songs.

Haesoo made her debut in 2019 with her first album, ‘My Life,” and released her second album in 2021.

With appearances on shows including The Trot Show, Gayo Stage, and AM Plaza as well as her performance in KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Song,” Haesoo established a name for herself in the industry.

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