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Every Deets To Know About Money Heist Season 5 Part 2

The final season of the crime saga will be going to see a bloody war as each gang member is on their knees in front of the enemy.

The first half of Money Heist season five had a cliffhanger ending. However, Netflix recently dropped the latest trailer which hints that part two will have a much more action-packed thrill ride. The new trailer begins with the gang still staggering from the shock of the character’s death in part one before all sorts of chaos kick-off.

From the Professor’s hideout being discovered to the police entering the bank to the robbers seemingly getting caught, everything getting worse. For a few seconds, it certainly does not seem like the Money Heist Professor and his Dali masked (Money Heist mask) gang will get away with this one, or surely that everyone will make it out alive. Just a few weeks left with the release of the latest season of Money Heist and it is the best time to know some exciting details about it.

Money Heist fans around the globe will be left staggering by the shocking end to season five, part one, which landed on Netflix on Friday 3rd September. However, fans won’t have to wait long to find out how this epic crime saga is going to end, as the final part of the episodes is scheduled for release on Friday 3rd December. Meanwhile, fans were left off in the jaw-dropping Money Heist season five part one ending, as one of the favorite characters Tokyo had just sacrificed her life for the gang, but the trailer seems to suggest that Úrsula Corberó will return to the role through a flashback cameo as well as continuing as the show’s narrator.

Heist mastermind The Professor, played by Álvaro Morte, is the principal character now, currently finding himself in an unstable alliance with disgraced police inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). It remains to be seen whether the two will find some common ground, or if Sierra will turn him over to the cops despite his crucial help delivering her baby.

Money Heist Season five also saw the introduction of José Manuel Seda as the ‘cold and ruthless’ Sagasta, Commander of the Special Forces of the Spanish Army, but his squad has sustained some major injuries since taking on The Professor’s gang. Talking about the plot, death doesn’t mean that the team has slowed down. The Dali-masked are fast-moving deeper inside the bank building, challenging the gang in red at every step. The final season will be going to see a bloody war on all corners, as each gang member is on their knees in front of the enemy.

Watch the Latest Trailer of Money Heist Part Two Here:

Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Netflix

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