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Every BTS Fans Should Know This

Now an international sensation, the boyband with seven members once lived in a one-room apartment together.

BTS has become the world’s most popular Boy-Band group. Whether you are into K-pop or not, you have definitely heard these boys singing once. Moreover, BTS has fans all over the world. But, did you know what BTS stands for? BTS is a Korean phrase that means ‘bulletproof boy scouts.’

The South Korean boy band has garnered fan following from all over the world and their fans are called the ARMY. However, the ARMY stands for ‘Adorable Representative MC for Youth.’ Meanwhile, the leader of the boyband is Kim Nam-Joon aka RM is one of the best English speakers in this native Korean boy band. However, he has admitted that he got a grasp on the language by watching the popular 90s sitcom, Friends.

BTS has now become famous worldwide but there was a time when BTS had to struggle hard to make ends meet. The boyband with seven members once lived in a one-room apartment together. They were not an overnight sensation and it took the band about 3 years to come into the spotlight. Big Hit Entertainment held auditions for the group in 2010. However, the band did not make its debut until 2013.

However, they are now an international phenomenon and it is hard to imagine calling BTS by anything other than BTS. Although, they almost named themselves ‘Big Kidz’ or ‘Young Nation,’ settling on Bangtan Sonyeondan at the last moment. The famous K-pop group does all the work themselves.

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From composing a song to writing, editing, and recording all their songs they do everything without any outside help. However, BTS does sometimes collaborate with other artists. Everyone has their own ambition or dream to achieve so the BTS member had. In an interview, Jeon Jung-Kook confessed that his 10-year plan was either to become a tattoo artist or the owner of a duck meat shop. Moreover, he has not changed it to either become a tattoo artist or a composer/musician.

One of the best dancers in the group, J-Hope has been in the world of dance for a long time. He used to be a street dancer with a dance group called Neutron. Jung Ho-Seok or J-Hope has won trophies in local dance battles in his hometown of Gwangju as well as national competitions!

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