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Emma Watson Responds To The #Blackouttuesday Backlash

Hollywood actress Emma Watson faced criticism of her Blackout Tuesday posts on social media. She's addressed the backlash via her Instagram posts lately.

The tragic death of an African American man George Floyd took the world’s attention back to the racism issue. A lot of celebs have come out in support of the protests toward Black Lives Matter.

Emma Watson has also shown her support by joining the social media movement on Blackout Tuesday. Emma Watson has faced a netizens backlash after her posts designed to support the Blackout Tuesday movement. With three more posts on social media, the actor recently opened about the same.

Emma Watson joined the movement on social media on Blackout Tuesday by uploading three black squares on her Instagram account. She gave it her own twist though, as the white borders framed the black squares. Each posting had hashtags, “#blackouttuesday, #theshowmustbepaused, #amplifymelanatedvoices and #amplifyblackvoices”.

Netizens, however, did not like her twist and expressed their outrage in the comments and on social media. She was criticized over speaking about protests for prioritizing her Instagram visual style and she was also accused of socially constructed activism. The actor has now posted a response to that criticism after this.

She has commented about white privileges and systemic inequality in society in the three posts posted by the star. She explained in one of the messages, “I was holding off posting until #blackouttuesday ended in the U.K.,”.

The post featured prominently Dr. Fahamu Pecou’s artwork called “White Lies, Subtleties, Micro-Aggressions, and Other Choking Hazards,” she talked about white supremacy, hegemony, and superiority in another post shared by the actor. Emma Watson also said she’s still actually learning the many ways she unconsciously supports and upholds the structurally racist system.

The Blackout Tuesday movement included several famous Hollywood actors such as John Boyega, Henry Cavill, Emilia Clarke, Hugh Jackson, Samuel L. Jackon, Cole Sprouse, Keanu Reeves, Halsey, etc. George Floyd’s unfortunate death has ignited off a global Black Lives Matter movement.

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The brutal death of George Floyd arose when a policeman was seen kneeling and putting all his body weight on George Floyd ‘s neck. Sources say the police officer who kneeled on George Floyd ‘s neck has been fired and arrested before he passed away.

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