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Emma Watson Have Hilarious Reaction On Emma Roberts Baby Photo Mix-Up In Harry Potter Reunion

Both Emmas hit the headlines last week when viewers of the reunion special spotted the major editing mistake.

Emma Watson has responded after Harry Potter reunion producers confused a childhood snap of Emma Roberts with the Hermione Grainger star. The actress was in a case of mistaken identity as a throwback snap of Emma Roberts was used in reference to Emma Watson during Return To Hogwarts special, with eagle-eyed fans instantly spotting the inaccuracy.

Addressing the blunder with Instagram followers, Watson saw the funny side by captioning the childhood snap of Roberts wearing Minnie Mouse ears, “I was NOT this cute.” Harry Potter franchise star also added the hashtag, ‘Emma Sisters Forever.’ Both Emmas hit the headlines last week when viewers of the special noticed the wrong picture had been used.

As the photo was shown, the Harry Potter star said of her memories of the J.K. Rowling book series, “I think I probably would’ve been about eight years old. I think that’s probably when the first one came out. It became, like, our family thing.” “My dad used to do all the voices, and my brother and I just became obsessed. We would just beg him to keep going,” she continued.

But the image shown was in fact a throwback photo of Emma Roberts, which she shared on Instagram in 2012, writing at the time, “Minnie Mouse ears.” Confirming the mistake, the producer put the issue down to an ‘editing error’ and hailed viewers for pointing out the blunder, remarking “Well spotted Harry Potter fans!”

Meanwhile, in a statement shared to Deadline on Monday, the producers of the Harry Potter reunion special said, “Well spotted Harry Potter fans! You brought an editing mistake of a mislabeled photograph to our attention.” They went on to say that they’ve updated the episode with the correction, adding, ‘New version is up now.’

However, this isn’t the only mistake that occurred in the reunion special, as the names of twin actors Oliver and James Phelps, who play George and Fred Weasley, were shown in the wrong order. Two decades after first hitting screens, the cast and crew of the Harry Potter franchise reunited for the 20th anniversary Return To Hogwarts special to deep dive into life behind the wizarding franchise on January 1.

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