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Emily Ratajkowski Says “Fame Wasn’t Something I Had Really Expected Or Really WANTED”

Emily Ratajkowski posed for the 'Heroes' issue of British GQ in a white T-shirt featuring the face of Senator Bernie Sanders and the term 'Rage Against The Machine.' The model shared her 2020 hero and more with the magazine.

In order to “survive” and achieve stability, the 28-year-old model-turned-actress has “survive” on her beautiful looks, but she did not intend to become a household name turned maintained that it wasn’t something that she deliberately courted.

She quoted  “I think, for me, the way I use my image and as a model and capitalize off of it has been very much about survival, rather than a representation of who I am.”

“Modelling was an amazing way to make money and gain stability; fame came with that and it was a bizarre thing.”

“Fame wasn’t something I had really expected or really wanted – although deep down probably every 20-year-old girl wants to be famous a little bit.”

The actress can understand why people speculate things about her because of her looks and she has done the same with other stunning stars.

She talked about Demi Moore to GQ magazine’s Heroes issue and said “I realized I had made assumptions about Demi Moore too. I definitely wrote her off a little bit, as an actress, because she was so sexy because she had that body.

“And I’m Em Rata, so that’s seriously ironic. It just goes to show how deeply internalized misogyny is.”

Emily Ratajkowski is married to Sebastian Bear-McClard is proud to have maintained control of how much of her personal life she shares, and insisted that fans don’t really know her fully or in real.

Talking about her personal life and what she portrays on social media is totally in her control, “I feel really good about the fact that everything I’ve ever put out has been highly curated. What you see online is not my whole life.

“I think that sometimes people think they know everything about me. ‘Oh, we know all about your dog.’ or ‘We see your husband…’

“But that’s not really who I am. It’s a magazine or it’s an editorial, you know? I’m proud of the fact that I protected myself and did the work of privately figuring out who the f**k I am.”

Meanwhile, the model, her boyfriend, and their German Shepherd, Colombo, is now comfortably quarantining together back in California.

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