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Emily In Paris Season 2 On Cards For Lily Collins?

Lily Collins speaks about season 2 of her recent Netflix series Emily In Paris. The series garnered mixed reviews from the masses. Read below to know more.

Last month, Lily Collins starrer Emily In Paris premiered on streaming giant Netflix. The series garnered a lot of mixed reviews from the masses and the critics. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that isn’t paying much attention to the mixed responses and comments. Furthermore, Lily Collins also opened up about season 2 of Emily in Paris.

For the unknown, back in the month of September, Lily Collins got engaged to filmmaker Charlie McDowell. Taking to her Instagram, the actress shared the news with her fans and followers who showered her with blessings.                

The 31-year old actress also confessed that as of now she is enjoying being a fiancé. She also adds that she is taking time to read and think about what is next in store for her.

Speaking of season 2 of Emily in Paris, Lily Collins said that she’s keeping her fingers crossed. She is also hoping for it to happen.

During her interview with the Rollercoaster magazine, Lily said, “I am just keeping fingers crossed for a season two for Emily. I am enjoying being a fiancée. I am taking some time to really read and think about what is next for me. In the meantime, I’m embracing the exciting experience of being a fiancée and what all that means and just kind of sitting within that excitement.”

The Love, Rosie actress also shared that she has been going on relaxing nature walks with her soon-to-be-husband Charlie McDowell. Lily said that it is helping her over the last few months.

Clarifying her statement she said that she has had her moments that are completely up and down.

Well, many of Lily Collins fans are rooting for season 2 of Emily in Paris. They also hope that she makes the official announcement soon.

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