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Interesting Things So Far About Netflix’s Emily In Paris 2

For fans who have really loved watching the series Emily in Paris and connected with her story a lot, these are interesting things so far about global giant Netflix's Emily In Paris 2.

Last year 2020 netizens and fans also loved the quirky yet refreshing modern day spin of global OTT streaming giant Netflix’s hit series Emily In Paris which was basically a show revolving around a student in her mid 20’s named Emily and her roller coaster life full of adventures in Paris especially in a culture where she has not made any effort to make herself familiarize with and then she meets her downstairs neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) who says that he’s from Normandy and on this Emily says ‘Oh I know that beach. Saving Private Ryan, right ?” and now when the season 2 to this series got green signal from global giant last year back in November 2020, these are interesting things so far about Netflix’s Emily In Paris 2.

Fans and netizens can rejoice in happiness and elation since with the season 2 on the way which is being filmed right now at the moment, we take a look at the interesting things so far about Netflix’s Emily In Paris 2.

For audiences and viewers who even despite seeing Emily (Lily Collins) fumbling especially relevant and relatable to all students who came from America to study in Europe when they were in their 20’s, here’s a list of several interesting things so far about Netflix’s Emily In Paris 2.

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Emily In Paris 2 officially confirmed – Its true that in last year on 11th November 2020, the streaming giant confirmed officially about Emily In Paris returning for the much awaited second season with a really quirky and cool note penned by Emily (Lily Collins) long suffering boss Sylvie (Philippine Leroy Beaulieu).

Emily In Paris 2 filming started back in May 2021 which was officially confirmed by the legit and verified Netflix instagram handle who globally announced that the production for second season has started with a video of cast sharing this good news in which Lily (Emily), Lucas (Gabriel), Ashley Park (Mindy), William Abadie (Antoine), Samuel Arnold (Julien), Philippine Leroy Beaulieu (Sylvie), Bruno Gouery (Luc), and Camille Razat (Camille) make appearances.

Netflix also announced that Emily in Paris was its most-watched comedy of 2020, with 58 million households viewing the series and for people who don’t know, the series has been created by the hit and trailblazing iconic producer Darren Star who has also been the brains behind the hit TV series Younger (2015 – 2021).

On set pictures from Emily In Paris 2 indicate new fashion trends – This is true that whilst the shooting of season one was going on, that time fans came to know that forthcoming season 2 netizens and audiences would be seeing her in more intriguing and sartorial interesting ensembles and many of them are inspired by ear of 60’s.

And in early July the shutterbugs skilfully caught another shot of Lily Collins filming in Paris wherein this time around she had been seen dressed in a puff-sleeves peplum top along with neon red mini skirt carrying a lime green purse along with a navy colored blazer as well.

Talking about recurring cast in the season 2, according to the global and most reliable online digital entertainment publication, Lucien Laviscount is joining in the recurring cast as Alfie a Londoner, who “refuses to speak French, or immerse himself in French culture. unlike Emily, he works to live, not lives to work. He’d prefer to be playing football or having a pint with the lads in an English-speaking pub”.

Similarly, even Antoine Lambert is a regular in the second season who in the first season is seen as one of Emily’s clients as well as an investor in Gabriel’s restaurant who also is an owner of a fragrance company and also has really strong opinions on directions for Gabriel’s restaurant and with him as regular in this one too, there’s going to be tons of drama.

The new additions in the cast of the second season are the guest stars who according to Netflix’s official announcement back in May 2021 are Jeremy O. Harris and Arnaud Binard. Iconic Broadway playwright, Harris will essay the character of an obscure iconic fashion designer, whilst Binard will play the role of the party boy owner of a popular Saint Tropez nightclub.

In a recent interview with a leading global digital entertainment portal, opening up on how she also doesn’t know much about the plot of season 2 right now, Lily Collins said, “I don’t know what they’re writing right now. but I think it would be a little early for Emily to lock something in. I think she’s still exploring the prospects. Honestly, I think Emily doesn’t even know what will happen, and that’s the beauty of the way that they write the show. She has yet to find all the qualities she maybe is looking for. But that being said, there is that connection with Gabriel, but now she has Camille in that love triangle, so I think there’s still experiences to be had, adventure to be had and she’s still finding herself”.

Emily should explore more of Europe – In an earlier interview with a leading global digital entertainment magazine back in October 2020, opening up on how she wants her character of Emily to explore Europe, Lily had said, “At some point, I was joking with Darren and said, ‘Couldn’t they just, like, hop on the Eurostar and, like, have a British excursion?’. I think it could be Emily going to all these different places. It’s Emily in…and then insert the city. She could just take the train and go all over Europe, and Mindy and her could go together”.

Lucas wants his character Gabriel to get his own restaurant – In an interview with a leading global digital entertainment magazine back in October 2020, speaking about how he wants his character Gabriel to get his own restaurant, Lucas Bravo had said, “I hope he’s going to get a brand-new restaurant where he will be able to bloom and do what he wants. He was still a little constricted in the old one. I just want to see his creative mind at work in a new place, backed up by Antoine”.

Emily’s past to be explored in second season – In an earlier interview within last year 2020 with a leading and globally reliable digital publication, Lily had shared, “The first season, we only had ten episodes to really explore her new friends at work and who she meets outside of work, so I’m excited to dive deeper into those backstories and spend more time intermingling the two groups of people that she meets. Now that we’ve seen her with all these ‘Parisisms,’ maybe we get to actually get to a bit more of her backstory, and experience that with some of the other characters”.

A possible Sex And The City crossover – Darren Star has created both these hit shows and opening up about the same in an earlier interview with a leading global digital entertainment online publication back in October 2020, Lily had said, “She could be like an apparition. Emily walks by, and there’s a reflection in a window, and she looks in, but she sees Carrie. Then it goes back and it’s her, and she’s like, ‘What?’ I think that’d be kind of great”.

Emily to grow up in the season 2 – In a recent interview few months back dated for May 2021 with leading digital entertainment website, creator Darren Star about Emily growing up in season 2 said, “In season 2, she’s going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in. She’ll be more of a resident of the city. She’ll have her feet on the ground a little more. She’s making a life there”.

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