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Emilia Clarke Offers Virtual Date To Raise Money For COVID-19 Relief

Game Of Thrones fame actress Emilia Clarke shared a video on her Instagram wherein she said that she will be offering virtual dates in exchange for donations for the COVID-19 relief fund. Read below to know more.

Hollywood celebrities are playing their part in spreading awareness about the global pandemic and also are also making donations to help fight the virus. The recent name to join the list of celebrities doing the noble deed is Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

Emilia shared a video on her IGTV wherein she offers a virtual date in exchange for donations for the COVID-19 relief fund. In the video, we can see Emilia talking about how there is a need for more beds in the hospitals for those suffering from the novel coronavirus. She then said that she will be raising 2,50,000 pounds for the relief fund.

Emilia further added that whoever can come forward to make the donation can have a virtual date with her. Emilia then jokingly confessed that she is not good at cooking but can try her hand at it, and the other person can also share some interesting stories and videos with her during the virtual dinner date.

Emilia Clarke who portrays the role of Daenerys Targaryen in the popular HBO series Game Of Thrones said that she is helping in an organization called SameYou and other partners in the US like Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and University College London Hospital in England. These organizations work for those who have suffered from brain injuries. Reports state that Emilia had suffered from two brain aneurysms when she came on board for Game Of Thrones.

According to the sources, the initiative started by SameYou is looking to vacate the beds for the COVID-19 patients by moving the patients who have recovered from brain injuries and strokes to a home that is safe and secure.

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