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Ellie Goulding On Her Road To Stardom and Success

Ellie Goulding spills the beans on her road to stardom and success. The singer admits not always feeling a huge amount of confidence.

World-renowned singer Ellie Goulding enjoys a massive fan following. The singer has bagged two BRIT Awards and also has been nominated for Grammy Golden Globe awards in the yesteryears. Ellie Goulding recently spilled the beans on her road to stardom and success.

Ellie admits to not having a huge amount of confidence. She said, “I think I wanted to be a singer when I was 14. I don’t really remember much from then. I think I was always singing, always playing the guitar, writing music and imagining myself performing.”

Goulding further mentions, “But I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence so that was something I had to build and work on. It wasn’t like I was born just to be a star. It takes a lot of work on yourself to eventually get used to that kind of attention and spotlight.”

Reminiscing her musical journey which began around a decade ago with the release of her debut album Lights, she said that back in school was a poor student but making music that she really loved brought her joy. She will always be passionate about music.

Goulding further confesses to having felt lost along the way. She also thinks maybe it is because she was in the public eye.

Being in the public eye, put pressure on her to be the best performing artiste and also a writer. She claims that it is a testing journey when it is made a bit bigger.

The British singer had a hard time finding the balance to being humble and being confident. She later expressed gratitude to her fans and the beautiful journey she has had.

The Army crooner hopped back on the stage in August. She performed at London’s iconic Victoria and Albert Museum. However, no audience was allowed to enter due to the coronavirus scare.

Speaking about her experience, Ellie said, “I was excited. Weirdly, I didn’t show any nerves. I suppose part of being nervous is having an audience. There’s something about the energy of other people in the room.”

For the unknown, Ellie’s fans were cheering her during the performance, as it was live-streamed.

Ellie Goulding and her road to stardom and success is an inspiration to many of the budding singers across the globe.

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