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Ellen DeGeneres And Harry Styles Play Hilarious Prank On Pizza Delivery Guy!

Ellen DeGeneres is well-known for her hilarious hidden-camera pranks and famous scare pranks. On this week’s Ellen DeGeneres Show Harry Styles joins in on the fun.

The 61-year-old talk show host equips the ‘Sign of the Times’ singer with an in-earpiece through which she tells him what to say and do in a room backstage filled with cameras live-telecasting to the main stage leaving the audience in splits.

Harry is greeted by a pizza delivery guy whom he is told to invite into the room and chill with by Ellen. She further gives him hilarious instructions on what to say to the victim of her prank. She instructed the singer to fist-bump the poor guy like 4 times before asking him to take a seat and call him “bro” around what felt like a 100 times, which is when things got even funnier.

Ellen told Harry to repeat after her and say, “I gotta be honest with you….” and left him hanging that made the audience scream with laughter. The ‘Fine Line’ singer was hilariously put in the spot and she didn’t stop there. DeGeneres further told Harry to say, “I heard the most interesting fact about cheese….” and left him hanging once again to which Harry hilariously yelled, “Why do you always do this!”

Ellen sure knows how to make us all laugh and brighten our day. This episode, in particular, was a total treat, especially for Directioners who are very aware of Harry’s funny-side.

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