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Elisabeth Moss Has To Say THIS About Her Job As An Actress

Actress Elisabeth Moss candidly opens about her job and how the coronavirus lockdown has made her feel. Read below to know more.

Actress Elisabeth Moss has been working in the entertainment industry for the past three decades. She enjoys a massive fan following and has films like The Invisible Man, Queen of Earth, Her Smell, and a dozen more films under her belt. However, in her recent interview, Elisabeth Moss candidly spoke about her job as an actress.

During the interview, Moss said that her job is pretty great. Furthermore, she added that she has these scripts that are written and she can be anything one can imagine. However, Moss also adds, “It’s a ridiculous job and I make money at it and I feel invigorated by it.”

Further in her interview the 38-year old the actress said, “I’ve just never felt that it was a dark place, I’ve always felt that it was a light place.”

Speaking of how she has felt during the lockdown, Elisabeth Moss said that she’s very much a loner. Thus, lockdown for her was a breeze because she doesn’t have a problem staying at home for a long time.

Moss also has no problem not seeing anybody. She also added that she buries herself in her work. 

Earlier this year, Elisabeth Moss was making it into the headlines for her alleged relationship with Tom Cruise. Hearsay even suggested that the two are even going to tie the knot.

However, later Elisabeth cleared the air by saying that indeed she is in a relationship but it is not with Cruise. The actress didn’t give away the name of the person but the confession made Elisabeth’s fans more interested in her personal life.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Elisabeth Moss recently thanked her fans for nominating her for People’s Choice Awards.

There’s no doubt that Elisabeth Moss is an incredible actress despite what she thinks about her job.

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