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EDM : Young India’s poison of choice

We are here to tell you how EDM has become young India’s poison of choice.

Electronic Dance Music(EDM) is a compiled combination of house, Drums, Trance, and Bass. The electronic music tracks are created on the computers by using mixing software’s and programs, the EDM field is dominated by just a few artists and they have also gained a huge fan base with the kind of music.

The main reason behind so much craze among people about EDM is because it is a 360-degree experience of music and not just a sound mixture of DJ kind. EDM is all about the mending of sound effects to get such sound output which the audience has never heard before. As in the case of DJs, they have to react to the audience’s reaction and demand, the pressure is always experienced. While it is a case of EDM the light effects, the speakers and the brilliance all have to go in sync for the best experience. 

2007 was the year in which EDM actually took birth in India. This happened when MTV’s Nikhil Chinapa partnered with Shailendra Singh, head of Percept Company, and he also was also signed as the Festival Director. The Sunburn music festival was organized in Goa in 2008 for the first and this created an explosion of EDM in the country.

This explosion of EDM can be connected to the explosion of working youth in India. As the majority of the working youth can afford to buy the EDM concert ticket ranging from ₨ 3000 to ₨ 10,000

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