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Ed Sheeran Spends Quarantine Time By Gardening

Ed Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn have been turning to crops and livestock on their sprawling Suffolk Estate to cope up with the lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak.

During the lockdown, Singer Ed Sheeran developed an interest of gardening, and spends his time growing fruit and vegetables.

Sheeran, 29, and the wife Cherry Seaborn, 27, have a garden for tomatoes, cucumbers, and strawberries on their Suffolk farm, according to thesun.co.uk.

In an allotment-sized area, there are also fruit trees with grown cabbage beds, lettuces, onions, carrots, and spuds. Also sheep and goats in a meadow at the end of the garden, they plan to add to the livestock.

“They are both passionate about organic food and, in these troubled times, it is nice to know they can get produce straight from the garden. Ed spends hours out there tending all his crops. It is a simple pleasure for him away from the madness of the music world,” said a local.

 The singer owns five properties in Suffolk. The estate comes with an underground music space, cinema, and tunnel linking Wynneys Hall, the main house and a barn transformed into the Lancaster Lock pub. He also wanted to build a chapel 32 ft tall — which created controversy.

Ed Sheeran was keen to make changes and enhancements to his enormous properties, with him getting permission late last year to create a ‘boat-shaped prayer retreat.’

The period of lockdown comes at a prompt moment for the star, who confirmed a career break late last year after wrapping up his epic, two-year “Divide Tour”

 Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown period, many businesses have taken on a hit, with Gordon Ramsay allegedly being forced to lay off 500 of his staff because of temporary restaurant closures.

But, it is been reported that Ed had told his 10 workers ‘not to worry’ and now he’s picking up the tab to make sure they’re all still being paid their salaries throughout the lockdown.

He also encourages his workers to take on other jobs or volunteer work before the pub can reopen.

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