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Ed Sheeran Revealed His Bizarre Nightmare

The Shape of You singer, ED Sheeran is shot in the head by a gunman in a bizarre recurring dream.

In a recent interview, the Perfect singer has revealed a bizarre nightmare that stunned everyone. ED Sheeran is shot in the head by a gunman in a recurring dream. While explaining his recurring nightmare, he said, “It happens every single night. I can’t explain it.” He added, “Weird, huh? I don’t go to therapy, but I’m sure the therapist would have a lot to say about that.”

Ed’s 2011 track Nightmares features the lyrics, “When the darkness creeps in, I feel my nightmares watching me. And when my dreams are sleeping, I feel my nightmares watching me.” Meanwhile, dream expert Ian Wallace said, “The head is very tied up in your identity, how you present yourself to the world. When we dream we are being shot we feel like our identity, who we are, is being attacked.” He added, “Perhaps Ed feels pressured to produce music that isn’t the type he really wants. Or it could be he feels criticized by his audiences.”

Ed, 30, who also has spoken of his claustrophobia and depression, is preparing to release his fifth studio album Equals this month. He will tour again next year despite claiming he had retired after daughter Lyra’s birth in 2020. In a talk with this month’s GQ magazine, he said, “There was a stage at the end of last year when I thought I’d never make music again.” He added, “I just said, ‘Maybe this is me now.’ I actually convinced myself I was never going to sing or pick up the guitar again. I was like, ‘No. This is it. I quit’.”

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However, he also said that ‘not writing songs during the break’ made him miserable. Although, in another interview, ed sheeran said, “I think all creatives are prone to real ups and downs. Part of your brain is open to write a song and you let the emotions out. But sometimes that part doesn’t close. My highs are high and my lows are really low. I got really low and realized the thing that makes me happy is writing songs. Music is cheaper than a shrink. I have never had a therapist.”

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