Ed Sheeran Called His Daughter ‘Blessing’

Ed Sheeran reveals that his daughter Lyra Antarctica recently learned to call him 'Dada' and points at him.

Ed Sheeran has recently stated that having his daughter Lyra Antarctica was a ‘blessing’ and a ‘miracle’ after struggling to imagine with his wife Cherry Seaborn. The singer told how the couple had scheduled doctor’s appointments to check everything was okay after trying to have a kid for a while.

However, the couple welcomed their first child last August, after conceiving naturally during a holiday in 2019 to Antarctica which inspired the unusual name. Ed told US radio’s The Breakfast Club, “We had tried for a while to have a kid, and we’d started going to doctors and figuring out what was up. I did think it was a miracle, so that’s why I was like, we should have this in the name.”

The singer added, “A lot of it is mental. It’s about relaxing. So many of my friends have been trying different things like IVF or making sure you’re having s*x at the right time on the right day, and then they go to a wedding and get p***ed and relax and they get pregnant.” He further added, “It’s not a given. It is a real blessing when it happens.”

Meanwhile, talking on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the star told how he and Elton, 74, ‘speak all the time’ as he discussed their Christmas song collaboration. He explained their friendship and said, “When I had my daughter he would ring me once a week just to check up on me with being a new dad. And then I had a friend pass away and he started ringing me every day to check up on me.”

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Moreover, Ed also offered a rare glimpse into life with his daughter, who was backstage as he filmed the chat show, saying that she has learned to call him Dada. He said, “She says Dada and points at me. And I’m like okay yay now she knows. But before she just said Dada and would like to point at an orange or something.” The singer continued, “She’s backstage, she’s one now. My wife and I were just reminiscing as last time I did Fallon we went on our second date afterward and now look at us!”