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Dwayne Johnson Details The Diet Behind His Superhero Body

Dwayne Johnson attributes his diet dedication to his father, former pro wrestler Rocky Johnson.

Dwayne, The Rock Johnson’s superhero body inspires many. However, if fans really want to look like the actor then prepare to eat like him. The former pro wrestler turned actor has recently revealed the six-meal-a-day diet he follows to look like a superhero. With the help of chefs and a strength and conditioning coach, Dwayne sticks to a strict meal plan that sees him consume ‘meat like a bison’ regularly.

For breakfast, The Rock says he consumes a comprehensive meal containing ‘eggs, a meat like a bison, a complex carb like oatmeal, and fruit, usually either papaya or blueberries.’ The Rock revealed that he follows it up with a second meal at 10 AM, where he will dig into complex carbohydrates like chicken breast, rice, and greens. However, as for dinner, The Rock usually eats protein from fish, chicken, or steak along with a complex carbs dish such as sweet potatoes and greens.

Dwayne attributes his diet dedication to his father, former pro wrestler Rocky Johnson. After six days of carefully crafted eating though, The Rock does have a cheat day. Johnson frequently shows off his epic, savoury meals on Instagram, and a recent meal saw him indulge in a massive helping of eggs and coconut banana pancakes topped off with peanut butter and syrup.

In addition to his meals, The Rock hits the gym six days a week, according to Men’s Health Australia. In order to stay in shape, Johnson works out at the home gym he has dubbed ‘The Iron Paradise’ at his place in Miami. The workouts continue when he’s away filming movies. However, Johnson previously revealed he has a crew assemble a gym for him filled with 40,000 pounds of steel and iron.

Fans can see the results in his latest film, the DC flick Black Adam, which saw him don a skintight superhero suit. Johnson previously called filming the DC film the ‘hardest undertaking of my entire career physically [and] mentally’. However, he added it was ‘worth every second.’ Dwayne Johnson starring Black Adam is garnering good numbers at the box office. Black Adam recently crossed the $150 million domestic and $350 million global milestones this weekend.

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