Dwayne Johnson’s Daughters Give Him A Princess Christmas Makeover

Dwayne Johnson's daughters painted their superhero father's face with makeup and gave him a multicoloured blond wig and tiara.

Dwayne Johnson recently got a pretty got makeover from his two little tornados, Jasmine and Tia. The actor’s daughters transform him into a big pretty princess. The Black Adam star took to his social media and shared two adorable videos which showed Jasmine and Tia giving him the fairytale transformation.

Dwayne Johnson’s daughters painted their superhero father’s face with makeup and gave him a multicoloured blond wig, crowning Johnson with a tiara even though his box office crown appears to be slipping in real life. The cute video begins with The Rock getting groomed by his daughters, receiving a few finishing touches. Alongside the video, the actor penned, “First morning back home with my tornados and by 8 am they insisted on giving Dwanta Claus a makeover before Christmas.”

The wrestler-turned-actor added, “I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet… but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then IM WINNING BABY.” The actor then again took to his social media to share another beautiful video. In the video, the girls tried to put on a tutu and a tiara at his head. Dwayne is looking really pretty with the uneven lipstick. Alongside the second video, The Rock penned, “Lastly, the little tornados wanted Dwanta Claus to wear a tutu for his Christmas make over.”

The actor added, “But the tutu would only fit over ONE of Dwanta’s legs. So they scrapped the wig and wanted Dwanta to wear the tutu around HIS NECK like a scarf. But Dwanta’s head was so big we couldn’t get the tutu down to his neck so he was forced to wear it like a crown.” The actor continues, “But most importantly, Dwanta said, “There’s NO WAY this gets posted on @instagram.” The actor then quipped, “Btw, has anyone seen Dwanta’s dignity?”

The latest videos from the Christmas celebration come after Dwayne’s hit film, Black Adam’s sequel gets scrapped. Taking to Twitter, the actor shared a lengthy explanation confirming the rampant speculation that a sequel to Black Adam had been put on ice by DC. Studios’ new head James Gunn also reacted to the Tweet.

Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Hollywood Select

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