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Singer Dua Lipa Is Horrified After DaBaby’s Homophobic Speech

An amazing news scoop of the day here is that renowned grammy award winning singer Dua Lipa is horrified after DaBaby’s homophobic speech.

Finally clearing the air, Levitating (feat Dababy) remix hit maker and singer Dua Lipa is horrified after DaBaby’s homophobic speech.

Coming out on social media to speak about this clearly, singer Dua Lipa is horrified after DaBaby’s homophobic speech.

Reacting and addressing this burning issue now via her official instagram handle’s handwritten note posted as an instagram story for all her fans, singer Dua Lipa is horrified after DaBaby’s homophobic speech.

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Dua Lipa has finally broken her silence and has also addressed the homophobic comments hollywood music industry’s renowned rapper DaBaby made during a performance at the Rolling Loud Festival on 25th July.

A day before on 27th July, Dua who recently collaborated with the Cleveland based rapper on the billboard hit and no.1 remix of her song Levitating openly called and lashed out at DaBaby’s remarks in a handwritten note post with a black background on her instagram stories via her official handle which read, “I’m surprised and horrified at DaBaby’s comments. I really don’t recognize this as the person I worked with. I know my fans know where my heart lies and that I stand 100% with the LGBTQ community. We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance around HIV/AIDS”.

It was actually during his performance at the festival that DaBaby asked all the crowd of fans and concertgoers to raise their phone’s flashlights if they, ‘didn’t show up today with HIV/AIDS or any of them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that will make you die in 2-3 weeks’, which had been officially reported by a globally reliable digital entertainment publication on 26th July and then not at all stopping, DaBaby followed up his comment with more homophobic remarks specifically focusing on men having sex with men, this was when all hell broke loose there as somebody from the totally huge crowd even threw a shoe at the rapper on stage expressing their anger and discontent.

After Dua posted her note, DaBaby took to his social media handle on the microblogging site Twitter for talking about how his words had gotten misinterpreted and his tweet post read, “I tell fans to put a cellphone light in the air y’all start a million man March. I told you y’all digested that wrong but I ain’t gone lie I’m impressed. Now show this same amount of support when a racist cop kill one of our black ass…YA NOT”.

He continued and also wrote, “Anybody who done ever been effected by AIDS/HIV y’all got the right to be upset, what I said was insensitive even though I have no intentions on offending anybody. So my apologies”.

Finally he went on to add this controversy stirring tweet which read, “But the LGBT community… I ain’t trippin on y’all, do you. y’all business is y’all business”.

As expected, DaBaby’s apology didn’t really settle down well with many in the LGBTQ community. Meanwhile, many global fandoms of Dua Lipa are asking her to remove the rapper from the Levitating remix.

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