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Dua Lipa Expresses Her Views On Trolling and Cancel Culture

The pop icon, Dua Lipa recently expressed her views on trolling and the cancel culture prevailing on various social media platforms. In her recent interaction for Attitude, the singer quashed the cancel culture online. Dua also candidly spoke about the impact of all the trolling on her mental health.

During her interaction with the magazine, Dua Lipa said that the cancel culture is extremely toxic in her opinion. She also stated that there is extreme mean-ness and judgment on social media these days.

Furthermore, the 25-year old also confessed how social media bullying took a toll on her mental health. Spilling the beans on the same she recalled that when she would go on stage for filming, she felt like she is being filmed to be laughed at later.

Dua said that she didn’t like it but grew stronger because of it and is grateful for the same. She admitted to having gotten confident due to the experience. 

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