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Drake cannot wait to spend Christmas with his son Adonis in Toronto

Drake is preparing to ring in Christmas with his son Adonis. He is looking forward to making special holiday memories with his son — and all his loved ones.

Drake has kept his son Adonis out of the spotlight and has also spoken about him very rarely in his interviews. But that’s not because he is avoiding daddy duties. It is reported that Drake is super excited for the upcoming holidays as this year’s Christmas, he is looking forward t spend it with his son, whom he shares with his ex-Sophie Brussaux.

A source told an entertainment portal, “Drake will see his son for Christmas for sure. Things are good with him and Sophie, very smooth and friendly. They aren’t a couple but they are genuinely friends and he makes sure she and his son are very well taken care of so there’s nothing but love. Drake loves his son and wants to spend time with him and right now because Adonis is so young, Sophie comes too. But it’s not an issue at all, they get along great.”

Drake especially likes spending his holidays in Toronto as his entire family including his mom will be there. As his mum is a Jew, they will also celebrate Hanukkah as well as Christmas. The source further stated, “Drake likes having Adonis visit him in Toronto because his mom and all his extended family are there so they want to see him too and Drake loves being able to show him off, Adonis is very loved.”

Fans yet don’t know how Adonis looks like even though Drake gave a few hints, as he recently shared an adorable picture of Adonis’ feet. On Father’s Day, he showed a finger painting from his boy. But we are hoping Drake would share a proper picture of his son’s face this Christmas.

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