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Dove Cameron Knew She Wasn’t Straight But Always Queer

In new interview with a leading digital global entertainment website, Dove Cameron opened up on always knowing herself to be queer and not straight.

The CW’s Powerpuff series fame hollywood star Dove Cameron knew she wasn’t straight but always queer.

Opening up on her realization of same in a new interview with a leading digital global entertainment portal, Dove Cameron knew she wasn’t straight but always queer.

Finally coming out into her own and growing which brings along a balance of maturity and transparency, Dove Cameron knew she wasn’t straight but always queer.

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A year after her famous insta live in which had been back in August 2020, in which the actress and singer revealed to her fans of not being straight as she is ‘super queer’, she a few months later did another interview with a globally renowned queer entertainment publication in which she spoke about her bisexuality in depth and opening up on it, she had said, “People need me to have a f*cking megaphone. I came out a year ago and thought that was going to be it. I didn’t realize that nobody f*cking knew”.

Since celebrating her first pride month in this year whilst publically out, Dove clearly mentioning about how she always knew she was not straight even if Hollywood didn’t, spoke about this in an earlier interview with a globally renowned weekly digital entertainment publication dated last month, in which she said, “With the process of coming out, it was about who I am as a whole rather than who I choose to date or sleep with. I’m choosing to love myself, to be who I am every day and not edit myself depending on the room that I’m in. I’m making no apologies for who I am”.

Speaking more about this in her recent new candid conversation with a leading digital global entertainment portal, Dove shares, “When I went into the industry, there was so much performative femininity happening, especially around 2012, especially being blonde on the Disney Channel. I didn’t stand a f*cking chance”.

She also shared, “…There was a lot of looking for male validation, right? Trying to please a massive corporation like Disney, I never had a conversation with them about my sexuality. They never asked me to hide anything… It’s more that people see me and go, ‘Oh, femme, straight, heterosexual, blonde.’ Who is going to look at me and guess otherwise? Everybody knew Kristen Stewart was gay. Nobody is going to think I’m gay. Nobody”.

Speaking about ending her relationship in last fall with ex Thomas Doherty after nearly four years of togetherness and how she is now identifying herself along with learning about which parts she wants to hide from public as she steps into a new life of coming out publically as queer and being single and also working on her new Apple TV+ project titled Schmigadoon, Dove reveals, “I don’t need the world to know that I have been through unending dark nights of the soul, limitless periods of chronic depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, and tragedy. I don’t need to livestream it”.

She also opening up on her early life and going to therapy since the tender age of being eight years old and much more in an earlier interview with a global pop culture entertainment digital magazine dated April 2021, spills, “I witnessed so much pain early on in life, and I remember thinking that it’s so bizarre we pretend the pain doesn’t exist. Like, every person is in on this big secret, saying ‘We’re good,’ but, like, why? For who? What’s the point when the person next door could be going through the same things? These conversations help people, so let’s have them! There’s so much strength in vulnerability”.

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