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Doja Cat Caught Fangirling Over BTS’s Jungkook; Here’s The PROOF!

Who isn’t a fan of the sensational South Korean heartthrobs BTS? While if you thought Doja Cat was an OT7, we’re here to prove you wrong! Read to know-how!

After setting their foot in the Asian countries, the seven heartthrobs from Korea are now here to rule the western media as well. With their rising popularity, sheer hard work, relentless talent, and a loyal fan base, BTS has made it a point to become a household name. Right from Hollywood celebs to artists from the music industry, no one has ever held themselves back from expressing their love for the band. And this time, it was Doja Cat! While ARMYs have been speculating a collaboration between the talented ‘Woman’ singer and the ‘Dynamite’ stars for such a long time, here’s finally something for the fans to rejoice about.

In a recent move, while chatting to her fans in a game called ‘Hotel Hideaway’, a gamer wrote to Doja, “Flop, accept my fr” to which the ‘Kiss me more’ singer sarcastically replied, ‘Shut up flop, you’re not jungkook’. Since then, Doja’s reply has not only fetched hilarious responses from many, others claimed how she, too, is a Jungkook bias. What shocked many, is the clip was uploaded by a fan over a year ago, to many fans’ surprise, they wondered what took it so long for everyone to notice this.

Proud ARMYs however, found this surprising and appreciated Jungkook for being literally EVERYWHERE!

“Woah! Jungkook is literally so popular!” reacted a fan. Others gushed saying how Jungkook is actually a real superstar. Check out more reactions here,

Not just this, it was also revealed earlier by one of Doja’s hairstylists how Mochi Jimin’s hairstyle was actually an inspiration behind Doja’s ‘Need To Know’ music video. Although Doja seemed to have gotten into hot waters with ARMYs once when the singer shared a cryptic tweet saying, “Big fan base does not equal good song” to which many assumed she meant BTS, but later the ‘boss bitch’ singer decided to shut the rumors and addressed the topic. She tweeted,

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