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HSMTMTS Officially Debuts With Disney’s First LGBTQ+ Love Song

For fans who love watching High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 2), in recent episode, HSMTMTS officially debuts with Disney’s first LGBTQ+ love song in new episode.

In its latest episode, HSMTMTS officially debuts with Disney’s first LGBTQ+ love song.

Creating a new record globally, the much loved spin off series based on iconic film series High School Musical, in its recent episode, HSMTMTS officially debuts with Disney’s first LGBTQ+ love song.

Making a bold representation of irrevocable love regardless of sexual labels in its new episode now, HSMTMTS officially debuts with Disney’s first LGBTQ+ love song.

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In its new episode, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney Plus HSMTMTS Season 2) officially has created a new benchmark with queer Disney representation in a first ever LGBTQ+ song.

This episode titled ‘The Transformation’, premiered a few days back on 16th July, is featuring the globally loved iconic TV and film brand Disney’s first ever LGBTQ+ love song which is a track titled, ‘In A Heartbeat’ sung by Frankie Rodriguez (Carlos) to Joe Serafini (Seb) who also recently confessed that both of them are really dating each other in real life as well and certainly this particular moment is the one making history whilst also highlighting the important and essential representation that both these renowned actors did wish they were both exposed to whilst growing up.

In a recent interview with a globally prominent hollywood entertainment magazine, opening up on same, Frankie Rodriguez opening up on same shares, “It’s so exciting, and hopefully it leaves a blueprint for more opportunities to come for other queer actors out there”.

The song comes through with a calm and healing moment of healing for this couple who throughout the entire episode are seen battling the normal growing pains of a teenage relationship.

In other words it can be said that the song In a Heartbeat is the perfect way and idea to heal the fan-favorite relationship, in which Carlos just honestly and simply ends up proving in a soothing manner that Seb’s worries can be laid to rest.

In the same interview, speaking up on Disney’s first ever LGBTQ+ themed love song, Joe Serafini told, “It’s super meaningful. You can sometimes doubt it and wonder if this is all real? Is it too good to be true? I feel like all of that is happening for Seb”.

He also shared, “They are just another relationship on the show. Their main arcs aren’t about oppression or being that different. They have a relationship just like Ricky (Joshua Bassett) and Nini (Olivia Rodrigo) do, and I think that’s what’s really awesome about it”.

The real normalcy of Seb and Carlos’s romance and relationship in the series is what sets its apart and definitely makes it out of the box from all the other queer relationships in which its seen as if sexuality is a burden to cope up with or handle and speaking up on this aspect, Frankie shares, “We’re not trying to achieve something crazy. We just want love and romance just like everybody else. The song is about acceptance between the two, but then also, how they’re being presented to the world”.

Lauding and praising immensely for much of the show’s LGBTQ representation to showrunner Tim Federle who is an ace former Broadway performer turned author, writer, and creator extraordinaire, Frankie Rodriguez quipped, “Not only are we playing queer characters, but we’re also on a Disney show that has an openly gay showrunner advocating to make sure that our stories are told and done in an appropriate, accurate way. Which then allows for a safe space for queer actors to step on set where you know you can be 100% yourself”.

Both actors hope that this episode and entire show ends up successfully challenging archetypal clichéd societal norms whilst constantly giving a strong reminder especially to all the kids at home that they are never, even in their darkest moments, alone.

For the queer kids who try a lot in finding their own solace and comfort in their after-school theatre programs, for them who like to spend really long hours every night just binge-watching several YouTube compilations of Broadway beltresses who mellifluously end up singing the end of “Defying Gravity” from Wicked for all those kids who certainly might love watching HSMTMTS from the warmth and comfort of their blankets after their parents have totally fallen fast asleep and finally for those kids who live in pain or constant worry, this is for them.

In end of interview, Frankie said, “There is life outside of your small town or wherever you are. And it’s all just about finding your tribe of people that are going to love and support you no matter what”.

Joe added, “You’re valid and it’s beautiful”.

Official teaser video link to Disney’s first LGBTQ+ love song In A Heartbeat –

Source: Disney Official Youtube Channel. HSMTMTS Season 2 ‘In A Heartbeat’ song teaser has been loved by all fans and netizens.

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