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Director Warned Robert From Dating Kristen Post Twilight Auditions

This interesting juicy scoop here is that in an interview Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke opes up on how she warned Robert to not date Kristen post their auditions.

Kristen Stewart is one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and loved film icon who rose to fame and became a household name globally after acing the character of Bella Swan in Twilight film franchise which remains loved by fans and audiences even today and this film not only helped her in reaching the pinnacle of superstardom but also got her noticed in Hollywood film industry as an versatile star all over the world but what many people don’t know is that the director warned Robert from dating Kristen post Twilight auditions.

Apart from receiving fame and fortune from acting as Bella in the most super successful film franchise which was adapted from author Stephanie Meyers best-selling book series onto the screens in film format, this also helped her in connecting with one of her all-time greatest loves which is her co-star Robert Pattinson. Still, the course of romance never ran smoothly for the pair, and even before they had made a real love connection, director warned Robert from dating Kristen post Twilight auditions.

Right from their auditions for Twilight as Edward and Bella, the chemistry which originated and sparked in between them naturally from that moment itself made them both form an immediate real and personal connection with each other and both of them started seriously dating each other even when director warned Robert from dating Kristen post Twilight auditions.

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They both when were together and dating, never officially confirmed their relationship to the media nd their romance on sets was indeed an open secret, and years after both Kristen and Robert split, the noted film maker and director Catherine Hardwicke opened up on how both of them had immense sizzling chemistry right from start itself and also shared that she had warned Robert to not date Kristen post their first ever audition together.

Sharing this fond memory Catherine said, “I remember I told Rob, separately, I went, Listen, man, you gotta remember that she’s under 18 and in our country, you can get in trouble! He went, Okay, okay, jeez, calm down!… It was funny because they were both pretty shy and kind of a little bit nervous and awkward. I said, Okay, let’s go do the biology scene where you guys first meet. So we went to my kitchen table for that scene and you could see pretty quickly that they were vibing off of each other”.

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