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Devin Booker Apparently Confirms Tropical Vacation With Kendall Jenner Amid Split Rumors

Devin Booker shared a picture of himself with a background that was very identical to one Kendall Jenner posted two weeks prior. See how similar they are.

The pictures are all the evidence that fans think Devin Booker just revealed that he is really back with Kendall Jenner after their breakup in June. On July 28, the 25-year-old Phoenix Suns player shared a photo on Instagram from a recent tropical getaway, and it resembles pictures the 26-year-old supermodel posted two weeks before. Devin shared a snapshot of himself posing on a bluff overlooking the rocky waters below. On his Instagram Story, he also posted an image of a big waterfall.

The photos below that Kendall posted on July 14 reveals a waterfall that remarkably resembles the one Devin displayed in his Story. Additionally, a video in Kendall’s carousel depicted her running out of water while surrounded by cliffs that resemble those in Devin’s most recent photo. In the video, someone is can be seen floating in the water which could be possibly Devin.

Obviously, coincidences do occur, but this is not the first time Devin and Kendall have shared images from the same vacation on their own accounts with a slight delay between them. Devin and Kendall posted nearly identical images of what seemed to be from the bright orange mountains of Arizona only days apart from one another in July 2020, sparking speculations that the two were casually dating. Devin provided a series of pictures in his post from July 13 showing him hiking in Slide Rock State Park in Sedona.

On July 18, Kendall captured the scene with her iPhone while posing in a black bikini on an orange cliff. Kendall and Devin didn’t try to hide their relationship following their probable discrete vacation, and they remained together until right after Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s May wedding in Italy. A source close to the relationship said that Kendall broke up with Devin because she felt they did not have the same outlook for the future.

After their breakup, the pair was seen together multiple times, which sparked suspicions of a reconciliation. On June 26, they were first spotted having a good time at SoHo House in Malibu, California. Devin “liked” the slideshow of pictures Kendall uploaded that day. Then, during the wedding of Michael D. Ratner and Lauren Rothberg on July 17, Kendall posted a covert picture of a man in a black suit, probably Devin. He was seen holding her waist with their right hand.

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