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Demi Spills On How Being Bullied Led To Her Eating Disorder

The globally loved trailblazing and exemplary Hollywood pop star behind hits like Sober and Solo, Demi Lovato spills about how being bullied led to her eating disorder.

The global singing sensation and American pop star singer Demi Lovato’s much awaited Youtube original four part docuseries Dancing With The Devil is finally out now as it premiered globally on 23rd March 2021, and in a recent podcast interview, Demi spills on how being bullied led to her eating disorder.

Talking about her childhood experiences and much more in the latest conversational podcast interview, Demi spills on how being bullied led to her eating disorder.

Getting open and candid whilst her appearance as a celebrity guest on a very new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast off late, best known for her songs like Solo, Sober, Its Okay To Not Be Okay, I Love Me, Commando In Chief and so on, Demi spills on how being bullied led to her eating disorder.

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Whilst sitting down with the podcast show host Rogan, Demi finally opened up on her life, career, the new Youtube documentary, drug addiction, and most importantly her disturbing and traumatic experience with bullying as a kid when she was in high school.

Whilst in the podcast interview, Demi totally being honest just revealed about the more in depth details regarding her experience with bullies especially in her childhood during high school years as a teen and also shared about the extreme impact those negative and scarring comments had on her which she carried on into her adult life as well and also mentioning about how those group of girls were incredibly mean towards her in school, Demi spilled, “I went to public school, and experienced bullying pretty bad while I was there. I went into a really depressive state for a period of time. When you’re 12 and you’re bullied, that’s your social life. I felt like I didn’t have much to look forward to anymore except for my music”.

When asked that was her career a big factor that she got mistreated, Demi on this point claiming that there’s no real straight answer said, “So it all started when I wrote a note. I called someone, this other girl annoying, and said she was being a b*tch. And then that escalated to, by the end of the day, it was like that scene in the lunchroom when everyone just looks at you. The thing was that the girls I wrote that about were the popular girls and so, it just like, anyone who wanted to be popular took their side”.

Opening up on the fact that her confrontation with bullies got her scarred with really hurtful words that lived with her for years, Demi told, “I had a concert that weekend on a military base and when I came back, it had just increased. When I asked them, ‘why are you guys doing this? I wrote a note, we all write notes we’re in seventh grade, that’s what we do,’ they were just like ‘you’re a wh*re and you’re fat.’ So I internalized what they were saying, and that’s when my eating disorder developed”.

Also sharing details about how she tried making amends with her bully as a part of the recovery process after her rehab program, Demi stated, “When I got sober, a part of the program they teach you on your ninth step is you make amends. You make a list and write down everyone you’ve had a resentment against your entire life. Her name was on it… So I called her and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you remember who I am”.

She continuing on same point said, “I just like sat there and was like ‘cool, I think this concludes the end of this phone call. Sorry, and wish you well”.

Sharing about not getting closure from her bully, Demi concluded the podcast interview by saying, “It was just wild. But you look back at times like that and those were my teachers. So even though I used to resent that person for many years, I look at that time in my life I’m like well, I needed to learn those lessons and it is what it is. Can’t change the past”.

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