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Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Demi Spills How First 3 Seconds Of Docuseries Made Her Cry

The trailblazing Hollywood pop queen of American music and Grammy award winning global icon Demi Lovato spills how first 3 seconds of docuseries made her cry.


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The solitary queen of American pop music industry Demi Lovato’s much awaited four part Youtube original docuseries titled Dancing With The Devil is finally out now and before its premiere a few hours back in a recent interview with a leading digital and globally renowned youtube channel, Demi spills how first 3 seconds of docuseries made her dry.

Speaking about the docuseries and much more, Demi spills how first 3 seconds of docuseries made her dry.

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Before the series premiere, Demi and her director Michael D Ratner sat down with a leading digital Youtube channel / entertainment portal for an interview, wherein we all see that the singing sensation known for songs like Solo, Sober, Commando In Chief, I Love Me, Its Okay To Not Be Okay and so on, Demi spills how first 3 seconds of docuseries made her dry.

In the interview when Jenelle Riley quizzed Demi on what it was like for her to watch Dancing With The Devil, before its premiere, on this Demi frankly confessed her real feelings and also opened up on that one of the first thing that really made her cry and get emotional just by watching its rough cut.

Demi was quoted saying about her June 2018 performance in Portugal that, “The first three seconds in, I’m seeing the footage from my Rock in Rio performance. Seeing the life that I was living before COVID, I just started crying. Because I was like, ‘I miss my fans.’ I haven’t performed in so long, and I miss them, and I miss it”.

Further sharing more details, Demi opened up on how despite the few initial tears in her eyes, she still continued watching the entire first episode titled ‘Losing Control’ and emphasizing on this point, she told, “After watching the whole episode all the way through, I actually had a bit of a physical reaction where I was shaking and breathing heavily. I felt a little lightheaded, and it was because this is so emotional for me”.

Spilling the beans about how this came from fear, Demi stated, “I knew opening up in the docuseries was what I wanted to do, and I knew that I was going to, but it didn’t take away the fact that I was terrified the entire time. Even watching it back knowing that the world was going to see this, I was terrified”.

Dancing With The Devil is a four part Youtube docuseries wherein each episode is less than almost 30 minutes which adds up to an average movie run time and sharing her take on this, Demi said, “Ultimately, the four-part series felt great because…the idea of it being one straight shot through; there was going to be too much to dissect”.

The first two episodes of Dancing with the Devil have globally premiered on 23rd March 2021 at YouTube. The 3rd Episode will get premiered on 30th March, while 4th episode will be dropped in the further coming week Tuesday which is 6th April.

Demi Lovato’s album titled “Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over” drops in between the last two episodes which is on 2nd April.


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