Demi Lovato’s Mental Health Issues Skyrocketed Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

American singer Demi Lovato has been very vocal about her struggle with anxiety and depression. Lovato doesn’t shy away from sharing her experiences. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Demi Lovato’s mental health issues skyrocketed and she has opened up about the same.

Demi said that amid the pandemic and the racial injustices hitting the headlines, she felt uncertainty around the world.

The singer said, “Depression and mental illness are part of my history, and because of all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, my anxiety skyrocketed.”

In her interview with Vogue magazine, the Sorry not Sorry singer also mentioned that she was feeling as if she has no control over things happening around her. She was suddenly confronting many questions.

Clarifying herself, Demi said, “I was suddenly confronted with all these questions: ‘When are we going to go back to work?’ ‘Are more people going to have to die?’ ‘How bad is this going to get?’ Everything was so suddenly out of my control and not just for me individually, but for us as a global community.”

Demi had to follow a night routine with fiancé Max Ehrich, as she was finding it difficult to sleep during the night.

Max and Demi started painting, journaling, and a few more things as a part of their routine. She even started using essential oils and candles to calm herself down.

Further in the interview, Demi asserted the importance of mental health awareness. She feels that the language and education around mental health is very crucial.

Demi Lovato’s mental health journey is an inspiration to millions of her fans and followers.

For the unknown, Demi Lovato recently had her engagement with her boyfriend, Max Ehrich. A while back the couple shared the amazing news on their social media handles. Later their fans were quick to shower the lovebirds with sweet wishes.

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